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Roger Fredericks is certainly one of the pioneers and leaders in the Golf Fitness movement in the world today. For the last 20 years, he has operated his golf instruction and flexibility programs at his golf schools in Southern California and Hawaii, and is currently running his programs out of La Costa Resort & Spa in North San Diego County, Roger has worked on the bodies and golf swings of over 20,000 students, including over 50 Touring Golf Professionals and 6 Hall of Famers, one of which is his “poster boy”, the legendary Arnold Palmer, who became so enthralled in Roger’s program, that he also became a partner. His Infomercial, Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility has been one of the most successful and influential golf products in the industry over the last 3 years.

As Roger has seen the golf fitness movement evolve, he has come to realize that there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion regarding fitness; not just for golf, but in everyday life, and with this thought in mind, he has created the Fredericks Golf Blog where golfers and non golfers will have an opportunity to discuss their concerns and ask questions directly to Roger, whereby he will share his 25 years of fitness experience to the audience. Having helped improve the health and lives of legions of people, Roger’s primary purpose is to pass on his wealth of knowledge so that people will be able to use it to not only improve their golf games, but so that they can achieve one of life’s greatest gifts – The Gift of feeling Good!


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